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The day a hairstylist fired me

Flash back to when I was seven years old. We were getting ready to go on an extended vacation to visit my mother’s relatives and the day before we left on our journey, my mother decided to take my sister and me to the salon for matching haircuts. Something cool and chic that would be easy to maintain during our…

Willie the cat

Whenever things get tough and I start to feel sorry for myself, I like to think of our cat Willie. He has suffered greatly since the day he was born and has many handicaps, yet he’s the happiest, most contently creature I know. Willie was bitten by his mama shortly after his birth, a tragic mistake that should have taken…

Bookish things

When I’m not writing or researching my family history, I’m often on Pinterest looking for things that inspire me. Old books do that quite well, and I often find myself daydreaming about their contents, especially if they are journals or diaries. Here are some of my favorite pictures.


Fairy Land Book and string tops of old books Stepping Heaven Stack of old books Shakespeare and more Old journal TheMoonstone My escape Maybe a diary Horizontal books Leather bound books End table books Old deteriorating books Books with paper covers Books tied with string Books tied with ribbon Classic books Books and Silver Books and roses Books and coffee cup Books and a tea cup Books near a Window Bibles
































































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