A New Beginning

It doesn’t sound possible, to begin anew, but that’s what I’m doing with my blog. As many of you may know, my blog has been down for several months now, as I switched the hosting to a new server. I encountered a multitude of problems that I just couldn’t deal with, since I was in the final stages of editing, proofing and formatting my new book. Once those tasks were completed, however, I needed to get my website up and running.

This means my blog has also undergone a face lift. I’m starting from the beginning with my posts. While I intend to write new posts, there are a few of the old posts that are important to me, as well as a few that have a correlation to my new book, Braha.

The best examples of this are the posts about my childhood friend, Leena, after whom I named one of the main characters in  Braha. There can’t be a better, more meaningful way to start out than by recalling these two posts. Enjoy.

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